Dynasty Warriors Next confirmed for PlayStation Vita launch in Europe

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It has been confirmed that Dynasty Warriors Next will indeed be a launch title for the PlayStation Vita, at least in Europe. Tecmo Koei has revealed that the Omega Force developed title will be released alongside the Vita on February 22nd. This marks the first Warriors title on the Vita and also takes full advantage of the handhelds features to create the most unique Dynasty Warriors experience yet.

In the screenshot below and above you can see the touch pad in action as the game will feature players having to tap the front or back touch pads to perform various attacks or win combat engagements. Dynasty Warriors Next will also take advantage of the Vita’s six-axis detection allowing the player to touch or shake the handheld to perform certain abilities. Plus, although there are 65 total characters to choose from the much loved Edit Mode also returns to allow full customization of the players’ own warriors.

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