DiRT Showdown announced for 2012

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Codemasters have announced that an action packed extension of the DiRT series is coming, perhaps with a vengeance, as things have gone all shunt-y. It will debut May 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and looks to take the Gymkhana spin-off for the series one step further with destruction derby-esque scenes displayed in the announcement trailer.

In DiRT Showdown, players will jump into a new world of competitive and combative racing, boosting, tricking and smashing their way to ‘Showdown’ finals on a chaotic tour of motorised mayhem. But is this one step too far into the abyss with these street-rules shenanigans for the racing sim? It’s certainly something I’m interested to see how it turns out. How about you?

Check out the announcement trailer:

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