Cheap Games for Australia from new Harvey Norman Import Site

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Australia has a bit of a bad deal when it comes to video games – to put it simply they cost a fortune! Happily, Harvey Norman have just launched a new website – Harvey Norman Direct Import – that sells console game for massively discounted, GST free prices. Currently the site sells PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and 3DS games, with PC games due to be added in the future.

Imported from the UK, all games will work perfectly on Australia bought consoles, and although online play may be affected slightly because of connecting to European servers, the huge price difference is more than enough to convince.

Where retailers like EB Games are selling new releases like Assassin’s Creed Revelations for $88, Harvey Norman has it for $55. $98 for Modern Warfare 3? How about $63 instead? Sadly the site won’t be selling games banned in Australia (so no Syndicate).

If November has left you cradling your broken bank account and mourning the loss of all your cash, make sure and check out the website!

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  • FINALLY someone has woken up and done this.  I hope it can continue to stick around and provide us poor aussies with a great deal on video games.  I think the Monopoly on prices should be broken, EB GAMES and JB-HI FI in AU are selling games way to expensive, who the heck wants to pay $119 for a game from EB GAMES !! I sure don’t.

    Time to go shopping and save some money !!

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