Anime Say! Episode 1 – Akira Live-Action (Can’t Get No Satisfaction)

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Welcome to Capsule Computers’ newest weekly segment, Anime Say! Each week I will be diving into the biggest anime related topic of the week and having my say on the matter. To top it off each episode will conclude with a recommendation from your’s truly of an anime or manga that you should check out.

This week, I discuss the latest news regarding the highly controversial live-action adaptation of the anime masterpiece Akira. This past week George Takei of Star Trek fame, publically slammed Warner Bros. for their production of their version of Akira. Check out Anime Say! below to see what I have to say about both the film and Takei’s reaction.

Got any questions for Anime Say? Send all your queries to and I will do my best to answer anything you can throw at me. So don’t be afraid to ask anything related anime or manga and I will do my very best to answer it to the best of my knowledge. So fire away, Space Cowboy.

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