Woman pepper sprays Black Friday shoppers at Walmart for video games

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Well well well, it is that time of the year in North America. The time of year when everyone sat down yesterday to eat turkey to fuel their rage to shop later on that day. Well, to be honest most people enjoyed a nice family meal with their extended family and had a wonderful day. But that night, Black Friday began and it is when most stores provide the cheapest deals on various electronics, household items and video games all year long.

It seems however that one Californian shopper wanted to get to the deals a bit too much however. The LA Times reports that right before the Black Friday deals at Walmart went live an unnamed woman pepper sprayed all nearby shoppers in the crowd including a gamer known as Matthew Lopez just so she could make it to the video game section first. Twenty people suffered minor injuries from the pepper spray and the video game section was torn down and employees were trying to pick up scattered games and screams broke out as those waiting in line for the 360 and Wii deals began shoving others into shelves and taking consoles out of each others arms.

Holiday cheer?

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Black Friday is like a plaque. People act so crazy, I mean do you need whatever material item you were going for so much that you would physically harm another human being? That’s RIDUCULOUS!

    The more I hear about people acting like rabid dogs over sales, the more I hate humanity, and the less I even want to celebrate the holidays.

    I’m making gifts this year. They will be one of a kind, and I will have put a lot of time, effort and love into each one. I think a thoughtful gift means more than just getting a great deal on whatever the hottest item is.

    I can’t stand greedy people. It just irks me so badly. I’m ready for the holidays to be over already.

    (Why yes, I am jaded, very jaded.)

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