Witness the battle of Valhalla in Final Fantasy XIII-2’s latest trailer

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While we may not know yet as to how Lightning got to where she is now in Final Fantasy XIII-2, it is quite obvious she is an important person there. Square Enix has released a two minute video where we are treated to quite an epic looking battle that takes place in Valhalla. In the video it appears that Caius, the bad guy, is invading Valhalla with an unknown force of soldiers.

It also appears that this guy has powers to outdo even the final bosses of Final Fantasy XIII. Also, those wager to see the quality of FFXIII-2’s CG work should be happy to see that it is still top notch. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will land in Japan on December 15th while those in North America have to wait until January 31st to tackle the next Final Fantasy tale.

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