The World’s Biggest Lan… is How Big?

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The biggest LAN in the World (Lanky Angry Nerds, as my mates used to call them) happened in Sweden a few days back, they’re called the “DreamHack Festivals”. We’re talking like 12,000 plus people here, that’s insane! And it’s been going on for quite a few years, how gross would it get inside there? In my experience all you need is 4 gamers in one room for long enough and the smell mutates into something awful.

All the usual games appear, you know, Starcraft, Counter strike and the like. Also included is live music, stores, parties, everything!… I stumbled upon this via twitter and just thought it was insane, so I had to share it. I’ve been to quite a few LAN’s, the last one was in 2008, but nothing quite like this.



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