The Steam Fall Sale is On!

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If you’re in America, you’re probably stuffing your face with turkey today, and you most definitely know that tomorrow, Black Friday, id the biggest shopping day of the year for the United States. If, however, you’re in Australia such facts might just pass you by, and you won’t be logging in to Steam to check out if there are any specials.

Well change your plans! Steam’s annual fall sale is here and with it hundreds of games’ prices are being slashed big time! Want Portal 2 for 15 dollars, or Fallout: New Vegas for 10?!? Even some newer games are getting rather drastic cuts, so consider this a public service announcement: Go to Steam, find that game you wanted but didn’t want to pay for, and smile with glee when you see how low the price is. And be sure to check if there are any bundles of games you love, because you can often by five games together for a great price.

Well, this news piece made me sound like a used car salesman…

Anyway, the sale ends Sunday the 27th, United States time, so go! Now! Why are you reading this article?!?!

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  • Yeah here we go again. A time where MasterAbbott spends Hundreds of dollars on games he already has or games he doesnt have and wont ever have the time to play !! DAMN YOU STEAM FOR FORCING ME TO BUY STUFF THAT I DONT NEED !!!

  • Cellophane Girl

    I’m sitting here reading this because I’m to broke to buy a $5 awesome game. Oh why do I have to pay bills and buy medication!?!?!

    :: grumbles :: Stupid medication costing an arm and a leg, cutting into my game budget.

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