Spot Kick Hero Rugby App Now Available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

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Wired Productions’ latest app is now available on the app store, making the most of the recent World Cup hype with a game called Spot Kick Hero. Pick your spot and hope your aim is true to get it between the sticks.

It’s a free app, so if you’re interested then take a look HERE

Game Details:
Spot Kick Hero Rugby will test your nerve from the spot with 3 exciting game modes and quick-play shoot-out challenges. Choose your team and progress through Tournament mode, judging wind-speed and direction carefully as you take on friends en route to the final and ultimate Spot Kick glory.


3 intuitive game modes.
Exhibition mode to practice your spot-kick skills.
Tournament mode, taking on friends or the AI players.
8 countries to choose from, all with different skills.
Hoopla fast-action Mini Game.
Multiplayer for up to 8 potential Spot Kick Heroes.
New updates coming soon, including Soccer and American Football.

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