Sonic Generations launch trailer

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With Sonic Generations hitting shelves in North America and loitering in game retailer backrooms across Australia and Europe, Sega have released a new launch trailer to hook in those undecided fans. The latest title featuring the speedy blue one has been looking impressive for a while now, so can it be the game to bring Sonic back to his heyday? Anyone in America already has the chance to find out, whilst Europe has to hold off until November 4 and Australia November 3.

In the trailer we get a glimpse of everything – modern sonic, classic sonic (the two coexist thanks to a ‘mysterious force’ that has a penchant for blue hedgehogs) and that strangely iconic checkered jungle. It’s a neat little introduction if you’ve missed out on previous coverage of the game, and fans of the series will no doubt spot a few familiar locales.

Generations is also getting a 3DS release which will follow on from the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions on November 22 in North America, November 25 in Europe, and November 24 in Australia.

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