Slew of characters announced for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

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While many were expecting a number of new characters to be announced sometime in the future for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and who can blame them. The title will feature music from every game in the Final Fantasy series so it should come as no surrpise that Jump revealed a bunch of new characters. However a few of these inclusions are perhaps surprising to some.

Andriasang has translated the list of newly announced characters and one seems to have returned from the dead to bring us music. Aeris, perhaps one of the most iconic characters in FFVII will be returning as a character alongside Snow (FFXIII), Prishe (FFXI), Vivi (FFIX), Faris (FFV), Cid (FFIII), and Princess Sara (FF) to round out your party. Any other Final Fantasy favorites you would want to see become available?

As a big fan of anime and games I'll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

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