Skyrim books come to iPad and Kindle

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Hey you know all those Skyrim books in-game that you wish had time to read? Well now you finally will have the opportunity to get through them all! Some peeeples over at took the in-game books and converted them to the Kindle and ePub formats (iPad and iPhone). Check out the website here to get your very own copies of the books. You can either drag them into iTunes or go to the website on your iDevice and click the ePub link to automatically download the goodness. Please keep in mind that you should probably own a copy of the copy so that everything is on the up and up. In addition, Capsule Computers does not condone piracy, and we can’t say that Bethesda has given permission for these books to be distributed freely on the internet. So, USE THAT NOGGIN and enjoy responsibly.

Source: Capane

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  • Cellophane Girl

    That’s pretty cool and a good idea. I can’t really see Bethesda having a problem with it, since it’s not for profit, and I think almost everyone and their mom owns a copy of Skyrim. X]

    I’ve been mostly just reading every book I see in the game. Because I’m a nerd and I spend way to much time searching EVERYTHING so I don’t miss anything. 😉

  • Jedinator

    If I had the time I would totally pick up some of these to read!

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