Seishi Kishimoto launches new Manga in Shonen Rival

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The often forgotten brother of more famous Masashi Kishimoto, Seishi has never truly made an impact in the manga world. His lack of popularity is largely due to fans considering him to be a mere copy of his brother Masashi. Oddly enough, Seishi has actually had more manga serialized than his older brother, however the only one that even leaft a blip on the radar was O-Parts Hunter, which was poorly recieved and criticised for being a Naruto-clone.

Seishi Kishimoto sadly has spent most of his career living in his older brother’s very large shadow, in what his fans call unfair. Seishi’s fans are right, it isn’t fair for him to live in his brothers ominous shadow. He has produced an impressive body of work and one must wonder whether had he used a different pen name, would he have been more popular?

Well regardless, Seishi is not giving up on his dream and is releasing a new manga in the aptly named Shonen Rival magazine. His new manga is to be titled The Crimson Wolf and the Trapped Sheep. It is unknown what the manga itself will be about, however it is known that the first chapter will weigh in at 69 pages, included several coloured pages.

What do you think about Seishi Kishimoto’s new manga? Should people stop comparing him to his older brother Masashi? Let us know what you think in the shoutbox and comments section.

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