Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station Reaches One Million

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THQ have announced that there have been 1.2 million unique characters created in the Initiation Station since it’s launch, including a large number of red, green and silver skinned deviants.

The Initiation Station demo was made available through Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, giving users the ability to create, share and upload their disturbing creations onto the Saints Row community site,

“The characters we’ve seen are mostly ridiculous, often hilarious, and always over-the-top. And now there are a million of them,” said Kevin Kraff, Vice President of Global Brand, THQ. “With the crazed creativity we’ve seen in only one week, we can’t wait to see what’s to come. One million is just the beginning.”

Check out the latest Cherished Memory #9 clip as well from Saints Row: The Third down below as we approach the final few days before it’s release!

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