RIFT 1.6 Is Out Now New Trailer


Finally making it’s debut is patch 1.6 of Rift. This major content patch is called “From the Embers” and introduces many features that we have previously discussed in detail since the patches announcement. So they will be breifly talked about below –

Rift™: From the Embers features:

  • ·Ember Isle – Designed for experienced level 50 players, Ember Isle is twice the size of the largest zone currently in the game and will feature stunning environments, new monsters, colossi, and zone events
  • ·New Dungeon – Rift’s newest and largest dungeon, Caduceus Rise, debuts with 11 tough bosses, nonlinear progression, Normal mode, and two Expert mode wings
  • ·New 10-Player Raid  – Experience “Rise of the Phoenix,” the new 10-player sliver in Stonefield
  • ·New Warfront Mode – Black Garden now features an alternate warfront mode called “Stockpile”
  • ·Planar Attunement Evolved – 2nd tier of Planar Attunement now available

Be sure to check out the Official Website for more information. I have also embedded the amazing new trailer below, so be sure to check that out and be extra sure to update your Rift clients to the latest version.

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