Rhythm Heaven Fever Coming to the Wii this February…

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Just when you think the Wii might be done, Nintendo throw yet another curveball and announce yet another release. Well, sort of this time. Back at E3, Rhythm Heaven for the Wii was quietly announced. After quite some time, Nintendo have finally set a release window for the game, which is now titled Rhythm Heaven Fever.

If you played Rhythm Heaven on the DS, you should know what to expect as this title involves the same frantic, rhythm/action styled mini-games where players must use their ears to be successful. It’s honestly a bit sad that Rhythm Heaven fills so many bargain bins these days, and I really hope this new Wii release will get the series the respect it deserves. Either way though, Wii owners can rest easy knowing that Rhythm Heaven Fever will hit stores sometime in February.

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