PETA’s recent attack on Nintendo is Skin Deep…

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Oh, PETA. I think everyone knows about PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) attacks on the video game universe for the way certain animals are treated, but this latest stunt is just face-palm worthy. As they usually do, PETA have now launched a new game on their official website titled “Mario Kills Tanooki” or Super Mario Tanooki Skin 2D, as the app is called. The game is of course a jab at the recently released Super Mario 3D Land.

This game pretty much has a skinned, bleeding Tanooki chasing after his skin, in which Mario is flying about with over the 2D level. Mario’s suit is now dripping blood and the whole game is slightly disturbing, but I guess that’s to prove some kind of point? PETA need to realize that games are games and not reality. Instead of attacking Mario, they could use their resources to put puppies into homes and fundraisers to save foxes (you know, something that actually helps animals?) I sincerely doubt many are going to play as Tanooki Mario and then say to themselves..”If I skin a raccoon, I can fly too! De Har Har!”

If you want to have your stomach turn, by all means..check out the “game” here.

Meanwhile, I think I’m craving a nice juicy burger, made of fresh cut Tanooki.

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