Nathan and Elena sitting in a tree, another video for Uncharted 3

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Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception is unfurling across the globe as we speak, already clambering onto North American shelves and just waiting to make the leap to the rest of the world – probably with a witty quip. In the meantime Uncharted fans can have a look at a new behind the scenes video from Naughty Dog that takes a close look at the relationship between protagonist Nathan Drake and intrepid journalist Elena.

Along for the ride – on a couple of camels in the middle of a desert for some reason- are voice actors Nolan North and Emily Rose, who seem quite happy to chat away about the characters they have now been playing on and off for the last five years.  The relationship between Elena and Drake has always been on the credible/non cringe worthy side of the video game romance scale, so it’s nice to see the characters and the writing behind them get a bit of the spotlight.

Fight off that weird sensation from seeing the real people behind the pixels (Emily Rose and Elena are eerily similar in appearance), and while away five of those waiting minutes with some Uncharted 3 insight.


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