More information and screenshots revealed for FFXIII-2 villain Caius Ballad

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While we may have seen plenty of screenshots about Noel, Serah and even plenty of Lightning, one character we have yet to hear a lot about is the bad guy. That is until today when Square Enix revealed a handful of new screenshots which cover some of the titles side-quests but also show us more about Caius Ballad.

These screenshots also come alongside the reveal from Japanese magazine V-Jump that Caius is chasing after Noel, the time traveling new character who saved Serah. He also is extremely powerful and rarely shows his emotions on the outside. While this may not be a whole lot of information it does follow through with what we see in these screens below. Expect to hear much more about Caius in the coming weeks as the release of FFXIII-2 grows nearer.

As a big fan of anime and games I'll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

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