Mario is Back! Super Mario 3D Land Now in Stores…

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November 13th has been long awaited by 3DS owners everywhere, as that date would mark the debut of Nintendo’s #1 mascot on the platform. The 13th has finally arrived and Super Mario 3D Land is now out wherever games are sold, so all of you Tanooki lovers and Goomba fanboys can now start stampeding retailers everywhere to snag a copy.

As most of you know, this title has been in development for two years and lets players explore 16 worlds in a classic sidescrolling 2.5D environment. Yes, this is Mario back in his true form, and we can all thank the Star Spirits that the 3DS finally has it’s original Super Mario game. To those who now own this title, what do you think of it so far? How is that Tanooki Suit? Leave your comments down below.

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