Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Gets a Launch Trailer

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It’s just a couple of weeks away and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’s launch trailer has hit the web. The remake of the original Xbox, Bungie-created classic is being handled by 343 Industries, the studio now in charge of developing the Halo franchise. The game’s campaign remains largely untouched in terms of gameplay, but players are now free to switch between updated high-definition graphics running on the Halo: Reach engine and the original Halo visuals. The multiplayer also features a suite of the original maps, and these have updated versions with new paths and shortcuts.

343 Industries has taken the mantra of giving choice to the player; whether you want to play with the shiny new graphics and edited maps, or the original visuals and unedited arenas, this game is a celebration of ten years of Halo, so it’s all up to you. The Xbox 360 exclusive hits store shelves on November 15th. Check out the launch trailer below.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Oh man it looks so AMAZING!

    I didn’t know about being able to switch between the new and old graphics. That is a really awesome feature. Especially for people who have never played the first game. They can experience it in it’s original glory, and then see the new shiny version of it as well. Kind of like getting two games in one.

    And now I really want to watch some Red vs Blue.

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