Full tracklist for the Black Eyed Peas Experience – out tomorrow!

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Ubisoft have just unveiled the full tracklist for tomorrow’s the Black Eyed Peas Experience. Sharp eyed readers will note that there are slight differences between the Wii and Kinect versions, with Nintendo buyers picking up 24 tracks and Microsoft’s lot 28. Being utterly clueless about the majority of the tracks on here, I shall leave it up to trendier minds to decide which is best!

–          Boom Boom Pow
–          Cali to NY (feat. De La Soul) – Kinect only
–          Disco Club
–          Don’t Lie
–          Don’t Phunk With My Heart
–          Don’t Stop The Party
–          Dum Diddly
–          Everything Wonderful (BEP & David Guetta)
–          Fashion Beats
–          Hey Mama
–          I Gotta Feeling
–          Imma Be
–          Just Can’t Get Enough
–          Let’s Get It Started (Spike mix)
–          Love You Long Time – Kinect only
–          Meet Me Halfway
–          My Humps
–          My Style (feat. Justin Timberlake)
–          Pump It
–          Shut Up
–          Rock That Body
–          Smells Like Funk – Kinect only
–          Showdown – Kinect only
–          Take It Off
–          The Best One (The Boy)
–          The Situation – Kinect only
–          They Don’t Want Music (feat. James Brown) – Wii only
–          The Time (Dirty Bit)
–          Whenever

In addition to the standard game release selected stores across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and America that is) will have a special edition for both the Wii and Kinect. These bumped up versions will include two more songs – Someday and Light Up The Night, as well as a wireless microphone and an offical Black Eyed Peas t-shirt. Happy dancing BEP fans.

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