Fuego’s River Adventures evolve iPad to motion control

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Who says you need extra technology to make a fool of yourself by doing funny things by yourself? Crimson Apps have released a new game, Fuego’s River Adventures, which doesn’t rely in touch controls. Nope, instead it uses real-time smart detection and processing technology to connect players to the game using the front camera of the iPad. Players motions control the adventurer Fuego by jumping, mobbing and running side-to-side.

Not only does it analyse captured images and recognizing movement change, it also saves some candid shots, displaying them at the end of levels, letting players look back on what fools they’ve made of themselves in the game.

Players control Fuego after his plane crashes and he tries to make his way home. They move him along the river, avoiding crocodiles and other obstacles, while collecting food and gold.

Fuego’s River Adventures is certain to be an interesting app, and one that will lead the way in terms of iPad technology. It is definitely worth a look at, even if it isn’t perhaps as sensitive as preferred.

Check out the trailer below!

Fuego’s River Adventures is available on the iPad for the launch sale price of $1.99 – get it HERE

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