First episode of ‘The Making of Risen 2’ video series

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Deep Silver has released the first episode of The Making of Risen 2: Dark Waters. This instalment concentrates on the topic of “Creating Worlds”. In it, Risen 2’s developer Piranha Bytes sheds some light on various topics:

– Game Designers Michael Hoge and Björn Pankratz and Story Writer Jennifer Pankratz explain why they chose the world of pirates as the topic for their latest game and why this theme fits so well with the proven Piranha Bytes’ way of storytelling and creating believable worlds

– Björn Pankratz covers the first steps of the hero in Risen 2: Dark Waters with the help of a game world map

– Lead Programmer Philipp Krause explains why Piranha Bytes used a terrain engine for the first time ever in one of their games

– and 3D Artist Sascha Henrichs explains the implications that the jungle setting entails.

Risen 2: Dark Waters will release for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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