Bioware Teases New Franchise

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Image courtesy of Gameinformer

A picture of an intense desert collision is all we get for now, as Bioware released the above screenshot to Game Informer earlier this week, labelling it only as “Bioware’s new franchise”.

The game will be revealed at this year’s Video Game Awards show, which airs on December 10th on Spike TV, MTV2, and at 8 PM, United States Eastern Standard Time.

For now all we can do is speculate, and the buzz on the internet is that Bioware may be throwing their hat into the post-apocalyptic genre. However, my humble opinion is that this game is based in a desert location, as some sort of meld between the science fiction and western genres. Think Red Dead Redemption meets Mass Effect.

Bear in mind, I know no more than you do, so what do you think this screenshot tells us about the game? Should BioWare just have stuck to its current franchises?

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