Arcen Games gets involved in Thanksgiving Steam sale

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Arcen Games have pitched in for Steam’s Autumn Sale, putting their deep space strategy game AI War and all of the expansions on sale for 75% off. This basically means that you can get the base game for $5, small DLC for $1, full expansions for $2.50, and the whole AI War bundle together with some extra savings in the Alien Bundle for just $7.50! If that doesn’t get you excited then the unique puzzle game Tidalis is 80% off and is going for just $2 instead of the usual $10.

The sale goes until November 27, giving you a small window to grab the games as soon as possible. You can get both the PC and Mac versions, so pick your poison well. Or, heck, if you have both you may as well pick both since the discounts are so huge.

Grab them quick off Steam while it lasts!

BRB, playing games.

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