Soulcalibur V’s Collector Edition revealed and detailed

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Earlier today Namco Bandai confirmed that Ezio from Assassin’s Creed fame will be showing up in the roster, and they have now a detailed what fans can expect in their fancy collector’s edition of the title as well. You can see everything that will be available in the package below to provide a better view for what you will be obtaining with purchase.

The collector edition will come in one fancy collectible case in the shape of a book. Inside this collectible case there will be the game itself of course, an art book, an original soundtrack CD, a making of DVD, a piece of artwork and a letter from the team that has been signed. Plus players will have access to the Black Knight and Paladin armor set in the character. No price has been announced at this time, though expect a pricing announcement sometime before the game is released next year.

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  • I like the case, but these collector editions packages are starting to get on my nerves. ME 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Deus Ex: HR all have to much extra stuff. Just give me the awesome case and a slip cover. 🙂

  • Cellophane Girl

    If it dosen’t cost to much more I’d rather have this edition, pretty much JUST for the sweet looking book-style cover.

    I don’t get collectors editions of games, unless it’s a game I really really REALLY LOVE. And even then it has to come with some good incentives, and not be stupid over priced.

    I think the only exception is I bought the collectors edition of “DeathSmiles” because by the time I went to buy it, It had dropped in price to $30, it came with a cool 360 face plate, and the only other copy in the store was used and it was $25. 🙂

    Yeah, I got off track. I’m pretty excited about SCV, but I probably won’t get the collectors edition unless it’s just a good deal.

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