Sailor Moon Manga Tops US Charts

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The long-time cult classic series Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992, has nearly 20 years on seen one of the biggest revivals in manga history.

After years of licensing disputes regarding the Sailor Moon franchise, Kodansha Comics have finally heard the calls of the masses and begun releasing the Sailor Moon manga, full translated into English.

But that isn’t the most exciting part. Sailor Moon Volume 1, has gone on to top the U.S. Graphic Novel charts, with the spin-off Codename: Sailor V Volume 1, taking the second spot. This is a great sign for the future of the manga and definitely something to make companies take notice and hopefully license the anime for release.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • I think that Matty would be very excited to hear about this .. Matty u excited ?? … I dont really care

  • Reader

    I REALLY hope that this means that they will start releasing the Anime again. Preferably in box set format, and UNCUT.

    It’s almost impossible to get hold of Sailor Moon on DVD these days, at least a genuine copy at a reasonable price.

    99% of the Sailor Moon DVDs on sale these days are Malaysian of Chinese pirates. And I’ve seen genuine copies going for $45 a dic, for a used copy.

  • Woodywoodpeaker61

    They now need to make toys again. Toys will make a KILLING!

  • Hillmankay010

    The movies!! And episodes! I want them all!!!!!

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