Oh… Fiddlesticks!

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On Wednesday October 26, Riot Games celebrated two years of their tower defense game League of Legends. As a surprise to the all of the summoners in the vast online community, Riot created a new skin for the champion Fiddlesticks to celebrate this joyous memory. Named appropriately, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is now available for purchase for 975 Riot Points.

As with most of the custom skins, Riot adds a little humor into the abilities of any new champion skin. Fiddlestick’s Drain ability changed to rainbow spirals emitting from his body to the targeted enemy while confetti is falling to the ground. Dark Wind now looks like balloon animals being tossed at opponents. You have been killed by Fiddlestick’s balloon animal! And finally his ultimate Crowstorm changed to a happy face spin-wheel aura. The pictures below will help explain the insanity that is Surprise Party Fiddlesticks.

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