Naughty Dog unsurprisingly defends Sony PSN Pass

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While it should come as no surprise, as Naughty Dog is owned by Sony, they have stood up for the fact that Sony is including PSN Passes in all of their exclusive titles from now on. Though the way they defend it sounds like complete tripe. In an interview with TheSixthAxis Director Justin Richmond stepped up to the plate to defend Sony’s Online pass system.

He said that the game will either use an online pass or they more or less would simply have to release the multiplayer as a separate game. To be more exact they said that “we offer online completely in its entirety also, so we have a complete offline package as well, so if you want to play the co-op with a friend, you can do that offline.”

Besides that excuse he also said that the server space would cost money to keep online, stating that “when that stuff goes online, it isn’t free. We have to pay for servers and all this different stuff to maintain it, and so at some point, you know, games have to make money. It is a business, and we just wanna be able to continue to provide that kind of content. If Sony ever comes to us and says “You’re not making enough money on this, you need to cut it” or whatever, that’s not something that we want. We want to be able to maintain the level of quality of the product that we’re giving out.”

Never mind the fact that the server space for that game was already bought by the original purchaser and simply traded to another person… alas that is a rant for another day.

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