Minecraft Pocket Edition launched

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Hey, guess what? You can now play Minecraft on the go. Yes, just what we needed: a way to waste time doing awesome stuff on our phone. The Android version of Minecraft can now be found on the Android Market for the paltry sum of $6.99. In addition, there is a free demo that you can download to get a taste of the what the game is like.

Just know that if there are no new articles posted in the coming days, we are in a virtual world filled with wonderful glorious blocks. It is just so pretty!

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  • Are my eyes playing tricks on me .. Minecraft Pocket edition didnt get released on iPhone ???? WHAT THE @@@ ..

    • *cough*iphone is for elitists*cough android is for awesome people* just kidding 🙂

      Yes, Minecraft is only on Android

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