Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin screenshots give us first look at title

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Yesterday it was revealed that Marvelous AQL is currently working on a new Harvest Moon title. This title is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, making it the first Harvest Moon title catered directly to the new Nintendo handheld. The soon to be released Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns was not designed specifically for the 3DS, but ported after being released on the DS in Japan.

This new Harvest Moon is named Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin and gamers will be able to do something they have never been able to do before in a Harvest Moon game. They will be able to completely change up their character’s look and gender, place furniture wherever they want and design their own ranch. You can see a few of these features in the handful of screenshots below. Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin is currently set for a release next year in Japan, and hopefully an eventual localization by Natsume for North America.

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