Grand Theft Auto V Officially Announced; First Trailer comes next month…

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Many of you are probably waking up, expecting the usual “game release” day antics with both Battlefield and Kirby launching today, but Rockstar have made sure that October 25th will be a day to remember for other reasons. Rockstar Games recently updated their website with the image you see above, which officially confirms that Grand Theft Auto V is now on the way.

Of course nothing is known about this expected but welcome sequel, but Rockstar have also posted that the first trailer will be out next month, on November 2nd. Yeah, pretty exciting news to wake up to. Without a doubt this will be a huge future release and now that Rockstar have begun the buzz, we can now begin to speculate about the many new features this sequel will have.

So where do you think this new GTA will be set?

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  • Wonder if a wii u version is in the works and where it will be set.

  • Man where do we start .. I have too many different locations running around in my head. Could it be set in Japan ? Brazil (Max Payne feel) or back in the USA ? It’s all way to early, I’ll just sit and wait for the trailer to be released on the 2nd of November.

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