Gears of War 3 stats show shotguns are the gun of choice

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Anyone who has played even one match of a Gears of War title should know that the shotgun is perhaps one of the most overused and some can say most overpowered weapon in the game. This remains true in Gears of War 3, as Epic revealed statistics of weapon kills gathered since the game was released. Now these stats are only for primary weapons, and you can see the video breakdown below.

As you can see, in the quick match mode, shotguns are used by 72% of people performing kills with the Gnasher taking 45% of that number. Epic’s Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley says that this number is “not as bad as Gears 2, where it was pretty much 10 to 1 against the lancer” but it is still extremely wide used compared to the actual lancer. The stats for ranked matches however show favor towards Lancer use, so perhaps that is the gameplay mode to try from now on.

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