Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi available now in North America

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While FUNimation may be releasing plenty of different versions of the Dragon Ball Z anime, Namco Bandai has been working on delivering the best Dragon Ball Z video game experience that they possibly can, and today it arrives in North America. Those living in Europe will have to wait just a few more days as their release date is October 28th.

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi provides not only a completely redesigned battle system that provides the most over-the-top action that you could be looking for in a DBZ game. To make things even better, there is also now a system that will allow players to create a fighter of their very own and pit them against other people online. That doesn’t even touch upon one feature, completely redrawn segments of the original DBZ anime with modern technology, making it look the best we’ve ever seen the series. Take a look at the launch trailer below and see for yourself.

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