Beyond the Labyrinth given new screenshots and final Japanese release date

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A few days ago we found out that Konami was planning on releasing their 3DS dungeon RPG created by tri-Ace sometime in January. It appears Konami didn’t feel like being vague for very long however as they have announced today that Beyond the Labyrinth would be released on January 19th in Japan. Let’s hope for a localization announcement sometime in the future shall we?

To commemorate the final release date, Konami opened up the game’s official website where you can find out a little more about the title. Though considering it is in Japanese, it isn’t the easiest to understand. The highlights are that the player meet’s a mysterious girl in a dungeon who quickly becomes your companion. She will fight alongside you in battle, and grow stronger as you advance through the game. Which is good since at the beginning all she can do is throw rocks. Check out the box art and some more images from the game below.

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