Yakuza: Dead Souls trademarked in Europe; could be sign of Yakuza: Of the End localization

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During Tokyo Game Show it was hinted at by Sega’s Daisuke Sato that there could be a localization of some kind for Yakuza: Of the End. Mainly he said that if it was, they would need to change up the control scheme a little bit. It seems that it could possibly be more than just a small remark however, as Joystiq has discovered a European trademark for a Yakuza title from Sega.

Yesterday, Sega filed a trademark for Yakuza: Dead Souls which would be a better title to localize a game under rather than Yakuza: Of the End. Sega hasn’t made anything official at this time but things are looking good for a zombie filled Yakuza game to be released in the West.

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