Weeds grows into a Facebook app

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The highly successful cult-classic TV show Weeds has always been a favourite of mine. Why not? It’s a comedy about an apparent soccer mum who is actually a drug dealing, weed growing, loose morality-ed, woman stuck with a mortgage and limited options. So it’s not a huge surprise that Lionsgate (creators of the show) along with Ecko|Code wanted to capitalize on the popularity by combining it with something else hugely popular. Yes, Facebook. And then Weeds Social Club was born.

Mytopia are the developers behind this incredibly alternative social game, and all sides have a strong investment in the project. It allows club members to buy, sell and grow their product with other club members around the world. There’s a time-clock system similar to the ever-popular Farmville and the whole point of the game is to make as much dough as possible.

Though the content of the game is illegal in most countries, it steers clear of condoning usage of marijuana, pretty much just leaving it as a popular and expensive product that you are trying to move. The game is free and heavily dependent on the social aspect of Facebook, which ties in well with the drug dealing dynamic. It loosely follows the TV show with some of the lead characters making appearances or the risks and rewards faced in the episodes reflected in the game.

For more information visit the Facebook page and see if you can become Weed King of the Neighbourhood.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    While I really enjoy the show, I kind of find the idea of a game about growing and selling marijuana in poor taste.

    I mean, okay, it’s not condoning the use, but what about glorifying the selling of it? People are going to think it’s a legitimate way to make money.
    I don’t think it would be as much of a problem if it wasn’t a free facebook game. Because that just basically leaves it open for anyone to easily get their hands on it.

    Now I’m all for gamers rights, but I really hope there is some kind of age restriction or something on this game. We really don’t need young people thinking this is a way to make money.

    Having said all that, I haven’t played the game. I don’t want to (first of all because it’s a facebook game and I find those an un-entertaining wast of time). So I don’t know exactly how it’s set up. I just really feel that if it gets somewhat popular, or even if it dosen’t. If certain groups get wind of the game there are going to be issues.

  • Jessica Barabas-Bui

    I totally agree with you about how its glorifying the selling of it and if I was to review it I’d probably slam it more for that. The reason there isn’t that problem for the show is that the main characters get into so much crap over it, even if they do end up okay in the end they go through a hell of a lot to get there. I haven’t tried the game yet either, I steer clear of all Facebook apps as I loathe the spam they send your way, but I’m hoping there is a restriction in terms of age. If my 9 yr old niece decided that selling weed was a valid career choice because of this Facebook app I definitely wouldn’t be a happy camper, whereas older people would (hopefully) recognise that like most casual simulations this is as far-fetched and disjointed from reality as Farmville or Mafia any of the others swarming Facebook.

    • Cellophane Girl

      A facebook game is not going to have the depth that the TV show has.
      I mean with social games you are actively seeking out your friends to help you sell drugs.
      I just don’t like it at all. Like I said, I respect that people should be able to make any kind of game they want. But I do think it should be restricted.

      I mean I didn’t fuss when I heard about the Columbine RPG or games like that. But that game was no easily available to younger people playing facebook. It was more of an underground thing.

      I just don’t want all games to get a bad rap because some kids get a bad idea from a stupid facebook game of all places.

      I just hope parents are keeping an eye on what their kids do on the internet and facebook. Which they should be doing anyway, but sadly I know most do not.

  • Oscar

    Actually, If I remember correctly, I read that it’s indeed voluntarily age-restricted by the developers.

    They said in some interview they weren’t required to do so by Facebook, but they chose to restrict it anyway themselves.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I am glad the developers are being responsible.

      I know all it really takes is a fake age on your facebook account. But It will deter younger people from playing the game.

      I’d like to applaud the developers for doing the right thing.

      This makes me feel much better about this game being out there then.
      Thanks for the info. 🙂

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