Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gameplay trailer looks amazing

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We’ve seen a few screenshots and learned a little bit about what the game will be like when it is released sometime in the future. But now we finally have a gameplay trailer for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and I can probably speak for most Final Fantasy fans when I say that Theatrhythm looks like it will be a great experience.

The game will be focused around rhythm gameplay, where players will have to use the touchscreen to input taps and swipes at the right times. The highlight of this footage is the fact that there will be footage used from the original games during some of the songs which is a perfect way to get fans interested and definitely strike the nostalgia chord.

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  • Claire Phillips

    Didn’t know this was coming out but despite some minor quick cash in fears on my part it looks quite fun. Reminds you how good some of the music is in the series, and nostalgia is a powerful seller.

    I would probably enjoy this more than I did FFXIII!

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