Sony teasing big announcement for October 5th

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Sony uploaded a new video earlier today on Youtube and it has caused quite a buzz of speculation. The video doesn’t reveal anything specific but it does contain a very large number of video game references, so many that you can spend quite a long time looking for all the different video game references.

But the most interesting piece of this trailer is the fact that there is some sort of announcement going to be made on October 5th. It is apparently going to be a big one, and with all the references in the video the announcement could be any number of things. Perhaps news for the PlayStation 3, or even the PlayStation Vita? We’ll have to find out next week when Sony makes their big reveal, or in a few days if someone spills the beans.

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  • 3 things

    *PS Cloud
    *PS Home
    * Resistance stuff

    • Claire Phillips

      I think I saw something with the Long Live Play catchphrase on Sony’s website a few weeks ago, they were looking to recruit hardcore Sony fans for a mysterious project…ah, here we go

      “we’re looking for a few good gamers to help us with a special assignment related to our new Long Live Play campaign (yes, we are intentionally being Chimera-like stealthy to pique your curiosity)”

      So no actual info, just more tease! Here’s the link for the full post

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