Nintendo announces Metallic Rose DSi XL

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To a resounding response of what? Nintendo has announced a new color for their Nintendo DSi XL handheld. Never a company to let their handhelds die in piece (though they certainly seem fine letting the Wii die a depressingly slow death), this color will hit stores on September 18th. It will cost $169.99 which is the same price as the recently dropped 3DS price.

This is a bit strange simply because their 3DS sales in North America have rose by 260%, but with the DSi XL being the same price as the 3DS it is certainly strange that Nintendo continues to release colors for what can now be considered as old tech. Plus how many people who don’t already own a 3DS or DSi XL are going to run out and buy this pink one?

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  • This will go well with Dustin’s pink handbag and his copy of Kirby Mass Attack .. What’s everyone else think about that ? 😉

    • Dustin Spencer

      I think it matches your shade of lipstick when you are cross dressing. Oh…wait, was that a secret, Philamina?

      • Look what I do at night is none of your business !!!

        • Cellophane Girl

          YOU GO GIRL!

      • Cellophane Girl

        Phillamina is a TERRIBLE name for a woman. I would have gone with Phylis…still not a good name but a more legitimate name.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I don’t know. I have a friend who would love this color. His favorite color is pink. (yes I said HIS).
    But it dosen’t make sense with it being the same price as the 3DS. I could see if they dropped the price where it might make some sense.

    But for the same price I’d rather have a 3DS. My friend was showing his off and even though I don’t care for 3D, I love all of the other features. (yeah the same guy that loves pink… so he’s not going to get the pink DSi XL)

    Also, just an interesting fact. Pink was traditionally thought of a “manly” color. In fact baby boys used to be wrapped in pink blankets instead of blue. It was because red was a manly more “violent” color (you know blood and all). So pink was just basically a lighter shade of red, and therefore a color for males.

    • Is your friend’s name by any chance Dustin ?? 😉

      • Cellophane Girl


        LOL, no. 😛

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