Natsume’s Book of Friends to receive fourth season this Winter

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Those who have been watching the current anime season should know that one of the shows airing at the moment is called Natsume Yuujinchou San. That San there at the end signifies that it is the third season for that anime. Now while the third season is ending next week, fans of the series should be glad to know that the show is actually getting a fourth season, and better yet it will they will only need to wait until January to see it.

Revealed in the November issue of LaLa magazine, the series will continue to follow the storyline of Natsume, a boy that has been able to see demons all of his life and inherited a “Book of Friends” from his grandmother which contains the names of various demons. Natsume then must deal with these various demons that show up to retrieve their name either through honesty or through vengeance.

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