Max Payne reminds me of Bruce Willis in all his raw, dirty, cigarette smoking glory, so it is with great anticipation that I wait, wondering what the man has been up to the last decade. We brought you the first trailer from Rockstar not long ago and now revisit it in the new Pop Up Edition which comes with new information regarding Max’s enemies and other characters such as Raul Passos and the Comando Sombra gang.

Additionally we are also given some early details regarding Max’s weapons, the style of melee and cover used within gameplay, as well as a glimpse of the physics and most importantly the magnificent and stylish bullet time that defines the Max Payne franchise in conjunction with that gritty film noir feel. These trailers brought a tear to my eye as although there will be many upgrades graphically and within the engine the game had the same feel to it as the Max Payne I fondly remember. Until the release, enjoy the trailer and keep posted to capsulecomputers fax Payne news as it comes out.

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