Kinectimals partners with Build-A-Bear to provide interesting but expensive DLC

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Kinectimals was one of the more successful Kinect launch titles, as it not only appealed to young children but also adults who loved small fluffy animals. Microsoft is hoping to capitalize on this fact by releasing Kinectimals Now With Bears on October 11th and they have chose to partner with one of the most iconic bear makers, Build-A-Bear.

Four collectible bears will be available, but the only way that they can be unlocked is to purchase an $18 doll from a Build-A-Bear Workshop to then scan into your Xbox 360 game with the Kinect. This can be a double purchase for parents, as not only do they give their children a new stuffed animal to cuddle but also can play with their teddy bear on the game as well. Though it may be a pain to their wallets.

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