Is The 3DS Getting A Second Circle Pad?

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With the announcement of a Nintendo press conference to be held on September 13, there have been a few rumours flying around that the big announcement might be the release of a 3DS lite. Alongside this, there have been rumours of a second circle pad to be added to the 3DS. Images of this peripheral for the 3DS have emerged from Famitsu Magazine, which shows it fitting around the outside of the handheld. Right now the price and release date are listed as “TBA”. There is also speculation that the extra circle pad is for the game Monster Hunter Tri G, the 3DS Monster Hunter title. Let us know what your thoughts about this announcement and image are. Does the 3DS really need a second circle pad?

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  • I also heard rumours that it might be poosible to use this new 3DS as another Wii U controller. Or a separate peripheral for it.

    • Kyle Moore

      I can see that happening. The Wii U Controller seem like a giant half 3DS. It also has two circle pads, so maybe it’s in preparation for that?

  • Joshua Spudic

    This is the LAST thing Nintendo needs to do. Mind you, it could be worse like a revision which makes the second stick compulsory. Actually that would be better.

    Been reading comments elsewhere and it has received a fiery reaction to say the least. This just shows how far the ball has dropped with the 3DS and it ain’t bouncing up soon.

    Look at it. It makes the handheld bulky. The purpose of a portable is… portability! Try taking that with you everywhere.

    Also like to add that there is a trigger button, like an R2 button, added as well.

    • Kyle Moore

      I know right, who wants to carry around extra parts to remove/add on for different games. I can hardly be bothered to do it on a console.

      I’d accept this if it also increased the battery life, which would be fantastic. I’ve had to sit around with my 3DS plugged in a wall far too often.

      And yeah, sure it’s all well and good to try and release FPS for the 3DS, but shouldn’t they be practicing innovative control mapping with the current affordances rather than releasing add ons.

    • Claire Phillips

      I agree! Perhaps Nintendo have got lost in the amount of cash add on accessories can bring in (a la motion plus, buying nunchucks etc etc) – controllers and consoles should be released with everything necessary and not bundled out in too expensive packages.

      • Kyle Moore

        True. Especially considering how poor the sales are. Cheap-to-make peripherals can only help right? Especially when they are necessary to play certain games.

        I’ve been pretty disappointed by the 3DS so far 🙁 So sad.

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