Gordon Freeman is back…in Renegade Ops?

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It’s been a while since everyone’s favourite silent, bespectacled scientist has shown up, and I’m guessing this isn’t quite the way in which anyone expected a return – allbeit a cameo one. Gamers who have been holding out for the PC version of twinstick shooter Renegade Ops will in return for their patience get the added bonus of having Gordon Freeman and his buggy as a playable character. Just to up the coolness of that a little bit more, you can even use antlions as a special weapon!

Renegade Ops has been out on XBLA and PSN for week or so now, but won’t hit Steam until October 15 (available for preorder here). It’s a vehicle based twinstick shooter that  is absolutely packed with explosions, looks fantastic and shines in multiplayer: the video below is a nice taster of what to expect, and of course shows off the latest addition to the Renegades.

So Half Life fans, does this make sense? Does it even need to?

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