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Following the series finale of the divisive Blood-C anime was a huge announcement regarding a movie follow-up. It has been confirmed that in June 22nd of 2012, a Blood-C film will premiere in cinemas across Japan.

The film is set to be a continuation and conclusion to the anime series. The film is a collaboration between legendary animation studio Production I.G and all female manga artist group CLAMP.

While the anime has recieved a “love it or hate it” reaction from viewers, the series was still popular enough to spawn a cinematic adaptation. Little else is known about the film as of now, however fans have already begun speculating on the plot and even the ending. Feel free to leave your own speculation in the shout box or comments section below.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Travis Bruno

    I don’t know about hate it, but I only saw the first couple of episodes and just couldn’t stick with the show. Then again it must be quite popular in Japan for them to be making a movie about it.

  • Kit

    The series was pretty brutal, and you could never really tell what was going to happen next. It kept me on my toes and the ending was fantastic. It definitely made me want more.
    This movie will be a wish come true!
    No idea what’s going to happen, but I certainly look forward to it!

  • Tratious
    • Luke Halliday

      Yes… And now it has been officially announced with it’s release date and all. Also might I add that the article you have shown, features very little detail regarding either the anime or the film. 🙂

  • Tom

    Always expected a movie to be honest apart from already being aware one was planned the ending really just begs for one.

    I’m looking forward to the movie myself but the series was incredibly slow..not bad but slow and in my opinion this was/is the issue many fans have found, Blood has always been known for high action & high gore with a pretty good strong storyline but -C just didn’t really get going to the final two episodes.

    taken apart from the rest of the blood series style is probably when -C might garner a less damning community review and if the movie rocks too of course 🙂

  • BellaVita

    Honestly, I liked the anime it was good, but after watching the final episode, I wished it had came around during the six episode so I could get more action and suspense. now I got to wait a year and some months before I can find out what’s going to happen.
    The anime left so many open door to what could happen that my brain can’t decide on a thought. ugh I might die before the movie comes out.

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