XBox 360 hack opens up can of worms for Microsoft

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Prepare for another potential legal battle as the hackers are at it again, this time assaulting the XBox360 and essentially jailbreaking it to read unsigned code. According to those responsible the exploit the have found is unpatchable by microsoft. Earlier model XBox consoles were also vunerable to the so called “jtag” hack but Microsoft have eliminated the ability to do this in all current models. Even so, the hacking scene behind the XBox360 seems relentless and have managed to appease the appetites of internet pirates worldwide through hardware modifications allowing them to play stolen titles.

How will Microsoft react to such news especially with the amount of time and effort they have put into the security measures on their new dashboards which rewrite modded DVD drives back to official status. There are a handful of legitimate users who will use the hack for their own homebrew and to fully utilise their systems while others will simply see it as another form of piracy. Microsoft can only try come up with some kind of security measure to stop it, I guess the saving grace is this isnt anything new to them, just another way to hack their already hacked console. Expect some kind of retaliation from Microsoft especially with the success Sony had in the GeoHot case.

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  • Cookie

    Ok, WTF is this?
    No mention of homebrew?
    No mention of the fact that the people who released specifically said they are against piracy?
    You’re just fear mongering here, and I find it disgusting!
    Oh, and Microsoft won’t be brining anyone to court over this. Heard of the “Streisand effect”? Sony was incredibly stupid to sue hackers, all it did was create bad publicity, and make the masses aware of the fact that they could “jailbreak” their ps3s. Microsoft is not that stupid. Ever hear of an official announcement regarding custom driver firmwares? No? Because Microsoft is a lot smarter that Sony. As is Nintendo, any Wii out there can be softmodded, nearly any Nds, Dsi can run cartridges, hear of Nintendo going after them? No? Get the idea? Sony is stupid.
    Educate yourself before writing this trash.

    • Darren Resnekov

      Nintendo have won almost every case against the R4 and Acekard manufacturers, i use a website called dealextreme and they used to be all over it now gone

      • Cookie

        Again, I ask for an example of them going after hackers, and not pirates.
        With the exception of one or two models of flashcarts, they are piracy dedicated devices made by pirates for pirates.
        Nintendo did not go after hackers.

    • NOTHING about this article is ‘trash’ or incorrect! It’s just breif and stays on topic. Nintendo and the Wii have nothing to do with how Microsoft handles and deals with hackers.

      On the topic however, since it is interesting, last I heard every Nintendo Wii update scans the console for Homebrew and if read it’ll shut down rendering the console virtually useless. Could be wrong though, I’ve never tried it.

      What I can say though is that Nintendo BUILT it’s reputation based on fighting jailbreak, homemade and homebrew games. Before the NES most (if not all) consoles didn’t restrict what games could be played on them and if memory serves me right, Nintendo introduced that. They also introduced the ‘Nintendo Seal of Approval’ stating they checked and approved each game since Custer’s Revenge. You know how you can’t play a PS3 game on a 360 and vise versa, Nintendo introduced that idealogy.

      • Cellophane Girl

        Yeah the Wii is supposed to be scanned on startup as long as you have it connected to the internet. I think you have to be connected to the internet though. But I’m not entierly sure about it.

        Nintendo works very hard against piracy. My friend has seen bootleg nintendo cartridges at the fleamarket, called nintendo and they got the people selling those things shut down pretty quickly.
        Though that is with piracy and not hacking, so it seems like a different matter, than what this bit of info is about.

  • Darren Resnekov

    my dear friend im educated on these matters in ways in which you have no idea, im not for or against what these guys are doing im merely bringing the news to peoples attention so they can make up their own minds. Ive written articles on piracy explaining how pirates spend more on products than people who dont. Piracy aside if you want to use homebrew on your consoles than go for it. microsoft have sued individual modders in the past so get your facts straight before posting that others are ignorant. Nintendo got millions out of the guy who uploaded new super mario to the net so they also care about piracy. For every legit homebrew user their are 9 pirates. Im not sding with anyone it merely says expect some retaliation which i only now hope there is so you can eat your words

    • Cookie

      Microsoft went after modders because they were profiting from it, it’s as simple as that. Have they gone after the hackers themselves?
      Nintendo has gone after pirates, not hackers. Big difference. Nintendo has been pretty much fine with hackers, even leaving “easter-eggs” in their programming for reverse-engineers to get a laugh out of.
      “im merely bringing the news to peoples attention so they can make up their own minds”
      Really? Are you trying to say this article is unbiased? Because it isn’t. You immediately assume hacker=pirate, make no mention of homebrew, which is the real purpose of this, and guess what, all you can do with it atm is homebrew, there’s no piracy yet from this.
      And you almost encourage legal action against the people behind it.
      Your own reply immediately shows your bias. I didn’t say that Microsoft and Nintendo haven’t chased down pirates, I said they’ve left hackers alone. Can you come up with an example of Microsoft or Nintendo going after hackers, and not pirates? Because there’s a big difference.

      • Luke Halliday

        Cookie, you seem very disgruntled as well as uneducated in the topic Darren has discussed here. I will ask you to refrain from “flame” comments please and discuss this calmly.

        • Cellophane Girl

          I can see where Cookie has a valid point. A hacker is not the same thing as a pirate. People seem to think they are the same thing.
          Though I think it would have been better to just calmly point out the differences than to start raging on the wording of an article.

          • Cookie

            I probably did go a bit too far, but for good reason, at least imho.
            It’s the grouping together, intentional or not, of hackers and pirates that has caused far too much trouble for honestly good people. When media hears hacker, and writes pirate, that is just helping spread misinformation, and a lot of hatred that simply shouldn’t exist. I have seen far too many hackers, that have honestly done nothing wrong in the eyes of law get theirs turned upside down because someone wrote pirate instead of hacker in their news piece, and that spread to other websites, and future news articles.
            Wording may not seem too important now, but it matters a lot more than you may think.

  • Darren Resnekov

    i could have also trashed your comment which i didnt as you have a valid argument which has nothing to do with my article which is merely news not opinion

  • ITz Jok3R

    I hope Microsoft do stop these people as most people buy their games to enjoy them but theses hackers can just download it which is kind of stealing in other words and Microsoft did try to stop it with the recent Dashboard updates but these hackers just update their hardware with more firmware to keep doing what they do, its a bit disappointing really as they can do anything they want like get those hard achievements that people try forever to get and mod games to take the challenge out of it which is no fun at all and I thought that people bought games to enjoy and play them to have fun, am I right?

    • Cellophane Girl

      Well I think a lot of the reason people hack consoles and other things is just for fun. To see what they can make it do.
      Yeah people do abuse hacking and do it just to boost their score or get free games, but I think the actual hackers, the ones who sit down and figure out how to do these things, are just doing it for the challenge of it.

  • Darren Resnekov

    i changed the articles wording to stop whinging, couldnt be bothered arguing its simply news i dont care if you reverse engineer your console to make biscuits

  • This whole debate thing is actually pretty interesting.

    The whole Pirates vs Hackers thing is a good point. They are different things that are very easily confused.

    In the end I guess there are Hackers who hack for fun and do so reasonably, and then hackers who pirate stuff and fuck shit up.

    I’ve always kinda known this in the back of my mind, but having it brought to my attention by reading everybody’s different views and perspectives really has shed more light onto the subject. I suppose its just a minority who give some hackers a bad name, hence the bad tone many apply to it.

    Interesting stuff!

    • Cellophane Girl

      I have a friend who is a hacker. She never pirates things or uses her skills to be malicious in anyway. It’s just something that she enjoys doing. It challenges her mind.
      I think that’s the way it is for the majority of hackers.

      Totally different thing from pirates.

      But people are ignorant about tons of things, and it’s not going to change any time soon. But it’s always good to help people understand misconceptions. 🙂

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