Ubisoft Confirm Move Support for PS3 version of Child of Eden…

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Ubisoft have now confirmed that the PS3 version of Child of Eden will feature Move Support. Shocked? Neither were we. While this feature was pretty much a given since Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s visual masterpiece was announced for the Playstation 3, it is still nice to know that owners of the console will have that option to dive in with motion controls, much like the Kinect version of the game. Even more interesting with this announcement is the inclusion of “Full Stereoscopic 3D”, which should make the gameplay even more immersive than it’s Xbox 360 counterpart.

Ubisoft have also released a few details for the PS3 release of Child of Eden, which elaborate a bit more about how the Move controllers will work into the gameplay and how the 3D will actually make a difference:

Key features of Child of Eden (PlayStation 3):

  • Multi-sensory effect: A visionary entertainment experience that synchronizes stunning graphics and innovative sound design to electrify the senses. By bringing physics in synergy with spectacular visuals and audio, Child of Eden is the next-generation sensory experience. The PlayStation 3 version goes even further by offering the experience in full stereoscopic 3D.
  • The world of Eden: Coming straight from Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s creative mind: a unique, surprising, rich and beautiful world.
  • Controls: Simple and natural. Designed for standard controllers and the PlayStation Move for the PS3. The PlayStation Move captures a full range of motion giving you ultimate control over how you play the game. There are other added bonuses, like the ability to hook up multiple controllers for added sensory effects.
  • You can experience the PS3 version of Child of Eden when it launches on September 20th.

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