Nintendo’s Eligibility Checker will verify your 3DS Ambassadorship

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While the deadline to have purchased and connected your Nintendo 3DS to the eShop has long since passed, potential 3DS Ambassadors never actually received any notification that they managed to be registered as such. These early adopters were sitting relatively blind, hoping that their 3DS was registered without a hitch and that they would be eligible for 20 free games.

Well you won’t have to be blind any longer because Nintendo has recently launched a tool that they are calling the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Eligibility checker. Users will need to type in the serial code on the back of their Nintendo 3DS into the required field on the website and then push enter. The checker will then verify whether or not you are a currently registered Ambassador. You can find Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador Eligibility checker here.

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  • Baroque

    It’d be nice if Nintendo gave us a GBA Pokemon game but I doubt it. They could make more money by sprucing up Ruby and Sapphire and selling them for 40 bucks a pop. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to make due with whatever Ninty gives. Hope they reveal that list soon.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I thought they already has a list of what they were giving out….
      Oh wait no, I see it’s only 10 of the 20 so far.
      But so far it seems like some awesome games. And of course they are all first party nintendo, so I imagine the others will be first party nintendo games.
      That does make it easier to give them away too I guess. 🙂

    • Good point Baroque! Im surprised they haven’t done that actually!

  • JJ


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